threaten and harassed constantly by Bonnie Kelly at hilltop in Phenix city.. She charge $25 for every thing believes her and her soon who is very involved in the park is pocketing the money.. I have my yard cut faithfully by my neighbor when he cuts his he cuts mine and I don't understand why in being charged and we both are not being that the yard Get cut the same day. I had a leak outside of my home and she refused to remove the overage charge. An overage of $80... Allot-I never paid that amount in 14 years I have been here. I explained to Bonnie that I planted flowers in April -watered the month of April, may, June heavily by July 6th-during the time of my birthday my spring flowers bloomed and died, there was no reason to water.And have not attended them since. The weeds that have grown it 4 1/2 get tall.

I had to call the police on her on several occasions like peeking in my home with some man she had working and living in the park rental office among evenings personal property have several pictures as proof..

Caught him coming out the office at 4,5 and 6 am. Once he was caught seen and knew that pictures was taken she had him to move out and I never saw him again.

I was forced to sign a lease when trinity brought the properties this lease included 2 late fees of $25 and them they continue to raise the cost of living without a new lease. Don't know how legal that is.. Bonnie harass me about tires that is of the ground but outside, then give me a notice to move them. I took a walk through the park and notice other tires, then I knew that I was surly a target. I trimmed a Tree in the backyard and put the branches on the curb, she give me actually less than 24hrs to move them. A tenant have branches on the curb and have been there for approx. 1 month and still ifs there.

Can't post more than 1 photo so I'll select the most damning! The man caught leaving after sleeping at night in the rent office... Approx.. 6 am what in the world he could be doing there... Have been seeing the truck just parked there every morning for About a month finally caught him come out with clothes that he hurried and placed in the truck then started taking pictures of me.

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Phenix City, Alabama, United States #874384


Phenix City, Alabama, United States #874379

Had a few mistakes... Beehive that her and her son is pocketing money...

Then she had some guy Living in the rent office among people personal information...

I hate living under stress, for 10 years I never had a problem under the previous owners... Nothing but problems since trinity properties bought this place...

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